Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rar in Ubuntu... uhh... UnRar... oh no! It's not free!

Just today, at work, I needed to extract files form a Rar archive under Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. So the typical me right-clicked on the file and selected Extract Here, then an error message box popped-up and told me the file archive is not recognized or whatsoever. In short, am stumped that I cannot extract Rar files.

Am from a Windows environment and WinRar is my favorite archive tool coz aside from good compression, it also allows me to append datetime stamp (e.g. yyyy-mm-dd@hh-mm) to the filename. Now, after a dedicated 10 minutes asking Mr. Google, I found out that I could use Rar and UnRar that are sharewares from rarlabs.com or choose P7zip that is an open-source project.

Well, I don't want sharewares on my Ubuntu box. So I installed 7-zip instead, did an extract of my Rar file, and forgot about Rar yet. Next time I want to archive files, am gonna use 7z.

The only thing left is how to append datetime stamp to my 7z archive files. Am gonna update this when I figure that out.

For now.

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