Thursday, May 15, 2008


The rapid web development megaframework you've been looking for.

These notes refer to TurboGears

* storm as orm

* easy_install tgcrud == for basic crud forms
* tgcrud steps:
* Use the tg-admin crud command to generate the crud package.
* Customize the form field in /controllers folder.
* Import the package to your
* Add a sub-controller to your Root controller class.

* if you create initial data when declaring your SQLObject classes, at the bottom of your, create a temporary SQLObject class and issue dropTable() and createTable() to unlock the database
* to create unicode strings (for internationalization) prepend the string with the letter u (ie u'Name')
* use, mm, dd) to encode date values in SQLObject DateCol
* use lower case for all SQLObject class properties
* use underscore not uppercase for all SQLObject class properties
* use single noun when naming your SQLObject classes
* [tg-admin toolbox] automatically creates the database based on your

Problems I have encountered so far:

* always changing modules, TG1 uses SQLObject while the not-yet-released TG2 now uses SQLAlchemy
* crud forms without coding, authentication without coding

* creating master-detail forms

* creating master templates

* create database schema from classes
* modify existing database with new classes

Useful Widgets:

* - todo

* FancyFlash - todo
* TGFastData == iconized crud forms
* DataGrid

* tgcrud == for basic crud forms

Overall, TurboGears is a very promising web development framework using Python.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Tersus Visual Programming Platform

100% Visual - No Coding, No Scripting

Tersus is a Visual Programming Platform for creating rich web applications.
Simply draw flow diagrams and Tersus will bring your application to life.
Tersus is open source.

These notes refer to Tersus version 1.0.36.

* put the Display/Row inside a Display/Grid to align the display elements inside the row to columns.

* use trigger to [Find] template to sort found records
* put a database row inside a table row for referenced records for easy retrieval of referenced record (i.e. person database row for person id column)

* drop an Advance Table Display and Management template for CRUD of database-based data with paging, sorting and filter
* you must restart the application to create the tables from the template
* Table Row
* Table Row/Data Row
* Database
* Filter Group/Fiilter Row
* Filter Group/Extract Filter Row
* New/Details Grid
* New/Save/Save
* Populate Table/Convert Record to Row
* Update/Init
* Update/Save/Save


And here are a few of my questions/issues to which I havent found the answers at their forum:

* how to migrate the database?
* how to do unit testing?
* how to create beautiful reports?

* how to have default sort for advanced table column?
* how to hide advanced table column?

As a programmer, I am amazed at the effort to create a really rapid application development platform. But on the sidenote, it still lacks the degree of customization that I need. I would recommend this to those who needs a quick way of putting your own web application without having to learn the major web programming technologies like AJAX.