Sunday, September 14, 2008

Django Editor


UliPad 3.9
* tried UliPad 3.9 tonight, and so far liking it! (for my Django projects that is)

UliPad 3.9 Good So Far:
* syntax highlighting specially for Django templates
* auto-completion
* folding
* zoom-in or zoom-out editor window
* lightweight on memory
* cross-platform
* code snippets
* directory browser (sort of project browser) 
* multi-view support

UliPad 3.9 Bad So Far:
* error opening "error log" when in Windows XP limited user account (which was easily fixed by installing UliPad to a directory where the limited user has read-write privileges) 

EasyEclipse for Python 1.3.1

* I have been using EasyEclipse for Python as my Django editor for the past 4 months now. (but will be replaced by UliPad nowadays)

EasyEclipse for Python 1.3.1 Good So Far:
* support for projects (creation, opening, closing)
* syntax highlighting for python, html, css
* auto-indent
* auto-completion (some)
* creation of python projects and files

EasyEclipse for Python 1.3.1 Bad So Far:
* no zoom-in or zoom-out of editor window (you can't make the texts larger or smaller)
* no syntax highlighting for django templates
* very minimal support for auto-completion
* heavyweight on memory
* haven't found the code snippets tool

Btw, I have tried using Notepad++ but since it is not cross-platform, I went back to EasyEclipse for Python.  I occasionaly use it as text editor though.

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